Thank you for your interest in participating in GoGaDoll's Exhibition Hall. For any questions or concerns, please email Kiyakotari at

Please also see our open letter for donations for related information.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall will be held in a 5,000 sq. ft. room with more than 30 vendor booths and a limited number of Artist's Alley spaces. Each booth or space will also have a number of amenity upgrades available, including phone lines and internet connections, and Exhibitors will have full access to the convention.

Please download our Vendor Kit for more detailed information.

The Exhibition Hall will have the following hours of operation:


There are four types of booths available:

Each vendor booth comes with two Exhibitor badges that can be used for general admission. Additional Exhibitor badges can be purchased for $40 each; please submit a registration form for each vendor badge.

Artist's Alley

If you choose to participate in the Artist's Alley, please be aware that there are a very limited number of tables available, so be sure to purchase your space as soon as possible. Each Artist's Alley space will be half a 6' x 3' table, and will include a chair and one Exhibitor badge.

Booth Information

Reserve now!

Please click the image to see the layout of the Exhibitor Hall. Booth prices are indicated below:

We would like to have variety in the Vendor's Hall, so each company is only allowed to buy a maximum of four (4) booths. [Artists are allowed one (1)] Each vendor is required to show us a California Seller's Permit before retrieving their badges. Permits can be obtained by mail. For more information or to download the application, visit the California State Board of Equalization website.

Vendors and Artists who will be joining us in the Exhibition Hall are encouraged to email a banner and/or link to their website, etc., to for use in promotion of the Exhibition Hall.

Registration Process

Step 1: Download and view the Vendor Kit. In the back of that packet is the vendor's contract.

Step 2: Choose which type of booth you would like to purchase and select a booth number to reserve your location - email your selection to to place a temporary hold on the location. If there are any conflicts with your selection, we will contact you with other options.

Step 3: Complete the contract with your selections.

Step 4: Send your signed contract and payment via check or money order (GoGaDoll cannot accept cash payments through the postal system) to:

GoGaDoll Vendor Relations
P.O. Box 2987
Berkeley, CA 94702

Please be sure to make your check out to Kelly Haines.


If you would like to reserve your table with credit card, debit card, e-check or PayPal, use the buttons below and then eMail a copy of your signed paperwork to, or mail a copy of your signed paperwork to the address above.

Paypal/Credit Card Booth Purchase:

PayPal/Credit Card Add-On Purchase:

Vendor badges get the same treatment as a regular badge. Vendors badges are allowed to attend all events and enter all contests/events (unless otherwise stated in the event's rules). We reserve the right to refuse to sell vendors additional badges if we feel that they are being used for others who are not helping with the booth or if we feel that the discount privileges are being abused.

Please direct any other questions or concerns to

Current List of Vendors

Artist's Alley

Current List of Manufacturers

Coming soon.

Swap Meet

The Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, June 20, 8pm - 10pm. Pre-registration for the Swap Meet is not required. Applications will be available starting Saturday morning at the Information Desk and at the door of the meet, and the fee for a 4 x 5 foot space is $15. Set-up for the Swap Meet beings at 7:30pm, and the doors will open at 8pm.

Hotel Room Sales

Please note that hotel room sales will NOT be tolerated by the convention or the hotel staff. If you are discovered to be selling items in your hotel room, or anywhere else on the hotel premises, you will be expelled from the convention without a refund.

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